January Landscaping Committee Update

Submitted by Wes Meltzer on Sat, 01/30/2021 - 11:04

Landscaping. There’s a lot of work to be done in our neighborhood, and the Landscape Committee knows it. We’re pleased that we are undertaking several important initiatives this coming year.

A Historical View

Over the years, not much has been done to our landscaping since the builder installed it. But through 2020, the Landscape Committee’s new membership undertook an ambitious plan with a plan to rebuild and enhance the landscape throughout our community. We decided to add foundation trees and plants according to hardiness forFlorida Plant Zone 9B at just over $18,000, and in the process, we obtained three bids and the least expensive option selected.

In addition, for 2021 the committee has obtained approval for community-wide mulch every other year beginning this month. As you have seen, that project is currently underway. We are also pleased to report that community-wide pressure washing of the sidewalks will follow, so please know that any (temporary) mulch staining will soon be a memory.

Ongoing Maintenance Needs

Communities the size of ours typically employ four to five landscapers at an annual cost exceeding $70,000. Our current contract provides three landscapers on property at 50 visits per year for $55,600. (That price has not changed in many years.)

As we all know, as the community has aged we have struggled to maintain the grounds of this large community with only three landscapers. 

This year, we will be increasing our contract with Yellowstone to add a fourth landscaper, increasing the number of landscapers to four at an annual cost of $72,696.We have been advised by Management that this cost is roughly equivalent to the cost that would be paid to bring in a new landscaping company, who would also require a crew of four to five landscapers.

The Landscape Committee has met with our representatives at Yellowstone and they share our goal of enhancing the landscaping of our community. Rest assured that we will ensure that they meet our requirements, or we will seek other contracts.

We hope that you can look forward to seeing additional enhancements soon!

Karen Hebert

Landscape Committee Chairperson